Anti Wrinkle Treatments

(Botulunim Toxin)

Anti Wrinkle Treatment

This is a purified bacterium that temporarily paralyses the muscle responsible for creating lines and deep set creases due to the ageing process.

This is delivered by small injections into the muscle creating these lines and creases. It works by interfering with the nerve signals that cause muscles to contract, therefore relaxing the muscle and giving a smoothed out appearance.


Anti Wrinkle Injections Prices Subject to consultation- bespoke treatment.

Standard anti-wrinkle treatments

  • Glabella (frown line)
  • Forehead (horizontal lines)
  • Crows feet (smile lines around eyes).

Anti-wrinkle injections used here can soften the appearance of lines and wrinkles. The toxin we use works by blocking the signal from the nerve which causes the muscle to contract, therefor preventing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. This can often lead to a more refreshed and rested appearance.

Prices may vary

One Area

Frown lines


Two Areas

Frown Lines plus Forehead


Three Areas

Frown Lines, Forehead plus Crows Feet


Downturned smile
(marionette lines)
Anti wrinkle injections can be used here to relax muscles that pull down corners of the mouth, which can cause a sad smile appearance. It works well in conjunctions with dermal filler to maximise the improvement.

Dimple Chin
Treatment here will help with puckering or dimpling of the skin overlying the chin. This can soften a deepening crease as well as prevent down turned mouth corners.

Platysmal bands
(vertical bands on the neck)
Plastysmal band are vertical bands on the neck which develop over time due to movement. Toxins can help to relax the muscles and reduce the appearance of these lines.

Advanced Treatments with Toxins

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